Try the complete Drupal Essential Training video course — for free!

I’m excited to finally be able to give out access to the complete Drupal Essential Training course for free for 24 consecutive hours. Just go to:

…and sign up. There’s no obligation, and you won’t be asked for payment information. If you like what you see — or want to take any of’s 450 other courses — it’s only $25/month.

Please do let me know what you think, and enjoy the course(s)!

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Awesome Videos
The videos are awesome. I’ve been using Drupal for 6 months and still learnt lots. I went to order the DVD and they want $70 to ship it to the UK (that makes the total cost $120 – OUCH). I guess I’ll have to wait for lullabots DVDs to come out see if they’re any cheaper (a shame as you are a superb trainer).

$70? That’s ridiculous.
Hey, Andrew. Thanks for the kind words.

Those shipping fees are ridiculous! If you’d like a copy, please keep an eye on my blog and contact me when I’m ready to sell copies directly, and we’ll work something out.

The DVDs are ready for sale
Hey, Andrew. I’m now selling the DVDs at . I shipped one to Ireland (a freebie, for a DUG event) and believe the cost for their and have in fact shipped one to Ireland already. I don’t remember the exact shipping cost, but believe it was around US$7, and certainly under US$10. So what are you waiting for? 🙂

This sounds great. I love
This sounds great. I love free education! Thanks so much for this.

You r blessed Tom!
Hi this is Perkins from Ghana. I have been watching your videos and I can say you are such a delight to watch. You teach perfectly and I enjoy your lessons. One thing I would like to suggest is that, I would want you to come out with more project based lessons in drupal. For instance how to build a complete e-commerce site teaching all the modules one needs to build such a site and things like that. Sorry for such a long message Tom. God bless so long

Drupal Commerce course coming
Thanks for the nice comments! I’m working on an e-commerce course using Drupal Commerce. It’ll be a while before it’s released — the recording’s in November — but it’ll be out eventually.

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