New to Drupal? Come to my beginners’ sessions at BADCamp (SF Bay Area)

Today I proposed two sessions for BADCamp, a FREE two-day Drupal event that will happen 11-12 October in Berkeley. Except for the Installfest, they’re among only a very few sessions aimed at people with no Drupal experience at all. If that’s you, please register for the site and vote for them! They are:

  • First Drupal Steps: From Download to Launch. This session is perfect for first-time Drupal administrators, those comparing CMSes, and anyone who wants to get a structured Web site online fast. We’ll go through the steps necessary to: set up Drupal on a local development computer; personalize the site by selecting a theme and adding site-wide information; turn on and configure functions that are included in the basic Drupal download; and ensure that everything’s working correctly for stability, security, and ease of administration.
  • Second Drupal Steps: Improving Your New Site. So you’ve successfully launched your first Drupal site. Now what? This class looks at some of the options Drupal provides to gain greater control over your site and improve how it appears to visitors. Topics covered include: Managing users; modifying themes to give your site a unique look; finding and evaluating modules and themes; and eeping the site running well with updates, backups, and added security.

In any case I hope to see you at the event. (And register soon! There’s a good chance it’ll be oversubscribed.)