Tom Geller

Best known for instructional video courses on LinkedIn Learning, including the popular “Writing with Impact”. Watch it for free.

Major works include video interviews for The Heidelberg Laureate Forum; feature videos and investigative articles for ACM; and books. See the full portfolio.

I’m available remotely for clients worldwide, and on-site in Western Europe or the U.S.. Get in touch via LinkedIn.

Strategic communi­cations

  • Evaluate current marketing materials
  • Define profitable directions
  • Create new content
  • Integrate with current strategy
Tom Geller's books


  • Develop new audiences
  • Train employees
  • Build user loyalty
  • Improve current assets
Tom at the camera

Video production

  • Explain innovations
  • Document important events
  • Promote thought leaders
  • Improve information retention

Photo credit: Christian Flemming/HLF