Online seminar, 29 March: “Setting Up, Customizing Drupal”

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be teaching my first live telecourse on Monday, 29 March, “Setting Up, Customizing Drupal“, for Environments for Humans. My three-hour course is in the morning, with Sheena Donnelly teaching “Drupal Theme Building” in the afternoon.

Most Drupal people know me for my video courses. I’m no stranger to live teaching: One of my first jobs was teaching secretaries how to use Radio Shack TRS-80 (!) computers when I was 16. (Yes, I’m that old. 😉 ) I presented at a lot of tech conferences during the boom, and later taught real estate courses for City College of San Francisco and a private company.

But I’d put off teaching Drupal courses live. I fell into a trap a lot of folks in the Drupal community are in: Because so many of us are highly technical developers and sysadmins, I figured the market for beginner’s courses wasn’t that big. The success of Drupal Essential Training gave me an inkling that it’s bigger than I thought; the entry of such companies as Lullabot into the field, and live training by such excellent video providers as Sean Effel (DrupalTherapy) convinced me. So when Environments for Humans’ Christopher Schmitt approached me with a specific proposal, it was easy to say “yes”.

Watch for another blog post before the date — including a way to win two free tickets. And I’ll try to report on how it went afterwards. Spread the word!