New store for Drupal-related products gives 10% to Drupal Association

I’m pleased to announce the opening of, which donates 10% of the purchase price on all Drupal-related products to Drupal Association.

It opens with three videos:

  • Drupal Essential Training: 7 hours on 1 DVD-ROM for $49.95
  • PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 11 hours on 2 CD-ROMs for $149.95
  • CSS Web Site Design: 6 hours on 2 CD-ROMs for $149.95

All three for $299.85 — a $50 savings, available only from

This is a test run: If it goes well, I intend to offer other Drupal-related products through the store, also with 10% going straight to Drupal Association.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Hey Tom, just a quick note to
Hey Tom, just a quick note to say I was happy to see Ubercart in use for a store like yours. I hope it benefits both you and Drupal. Also, cool job on the custom product catalog you put together. : )

Thanks! I <3 Ubercart
Hey, Ryan — thanks for putting together so *usable* a product.

I tried out the e-commerce module about a year ago, and remember it as being adequate. But I wouldn’t really know, since it was never put into production. And that’s the real test, eh? Stephanie of TopNotchThemes encouraged me to go with Ubercart.

Oof, and I just realized that I didn’t credit Ubercart in the site’s footer. Fixed (on, but not They’re two separate installations.)

On another note: Any progress on affiliate functionality? I believe I sent you a private email about that. I’d love to set it up here.

Ahh, you know, I marked that
Ahh, you know, I marked that e-mail for review but then I’m so bad about following up and replying. :-/

Sorry for the delay, but the gist of it is there isn’t work toward a core affiliate module, but mimetic2 has released his latest contributed effort at that may accomplish what you need. I think it’s a robust solution as is, and if not I’m sure you could give it the final polish you need.

Affiliate module for Ubercart
Thanks for the reference! I’m having a hard time making it work, and it appears to have zero documentation. But I’ll muddle through.

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