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I once heard that San Francisco has so many restaurants that the entire population could eat out and there would still be empty seats. That’s probably apocryphal, but it does have an embarrassment of gastronomic riches. The other truth about San Francisco is that it’s expensive, so eating lunch for under $8 can be a challenge — especially near a touristy area such as Moscone Convention Center.

But I lived there for 17 years before moving to Ohio last April and, being a cheap-ass, have collected a few favorites. They’re in an annotated short list in this Google Map, “Good cheapish eats near DrupalCon SF 2010”. In brief:

    Jollibee (4th Street at Howard) is the fastest and cheapest.

    Sushi Club is surprisingly fast and cheap, and has take-out.

    Tu Lan is the best for the money, but a bit far.

To add your own favorites, log into your Google account, click “My Maps”, then click the Edit button. (Thanks to Shawn DeArmond for the tip.) Please (a) give your own marks a distinctive icon, (b) keep it limited to under-$8 lunch places within a 15-minute walk of the convention center, and (c) don’t touch anyone else’s marks.

Need a suggestion at the con? Text me at 415-317-1805 and I’ll do my best to help.

This con feels like it’s shaping up to be a real ground-breaker. I can’t wait!

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Thirsty Bear and Ferry Plaza
I can’t seem to edit the map so I’ll make a few suggestions here:

1. Thirsty Bear Brewery, 661 Howard Street. Great beers, yummy tapas, good lunches and dinners. Very comfortable. Just a block away from Moscone.

2. At least one day you should walk down to Market Street (5 min.), hop on an old streetcar ($2-ask for a transfer for proof of purchase), and ride down to the Ferry Plaza (10 min.) It’s the building at the end of the street with the tall clock tower. Just walk through the ferry plaza and graze on the delicious cheeses and meats and whatnot. If you’re still hungry, sit at the counter at Slanted Door (Vietnamese) and order anything — it will be good. I recommend Farmer’s Market days: Saturday 8am-2pm, Tuesday 10am–2pm, Thursday 10 am – 2pm

Agreed, both are great! But not cheap.
Hi, Kathleen — thanks for the tips!

Regarding the map: If anyone wants to add to the map, I’d have to make them an administrator. Yeah, I know, I should make it a proper Drupal solution instead of going the quick-and-dirty Google Maps rout. Bad Drupalist. 🙂

I can edit
Hi Tom, Thanks for putting this map together. Very useful!

I was able to edit it no prob. I had to first log into Google and add it to My Maps. Maybe I was only editing my view of it? I added the two nearby Boudin’s Bakery locations. Do you see them?

I see them!
Huh! Learn something new every day. I’ll edit the original post to reflect that. Thanks!

By the way, I’m also a fan of the Boudin Bakery clam chowder-in-a-bread-bowl. 🙂

Oops, didn’t see the $8 budget cap, but…
The daily lunch special at Thirsty Bear is only $8. Very filling, but doesn’t include a drink.

If you go to the Ferry Plaza on Farmer’s Market Thursday you could get a $3 taco from Tacolicious, a piece of amazing cheese, a freshly picked piece of fruit, and have budget left for a piece of cake from Miette. Or go with a friend and share a $9 sandwich from Il Cane Rosso or Out the Door leaving you $3.50 each for further grazing. Just a couple of ideas.

To open on iPhone
I also created a shortened URL to get to this map in the Maps iPhone app. Just bookmark this, and it’ll get you there.

But, it’ll only work on the iPhone OS. Haven’t tried it on an iPod Touch or iPad, though I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Great Idea
Have to put my $.02 in for Taqueria Cancun at 1003 Market Street ( Near Tu Lan on your map ). Better to be found in the Mission of course but SF is nothing if not having a real Burrito, and this is within walking distance…..can not wait after exile in NYC!

Add it!
Sure, Taqueria Cancun’s great. Add it to the map!

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