How can I change my admin password?

If for some reason the default exercise file username (admin) and password (booth) don’t work, you can change them in the database itself using phpMyAdmin. (This technique is demonstrated in a video from Chapter 8, “Recovering from disasters”.)

  1. Open your Drupal database with phpMyAdmin.
  2. Go to the “users” table. Click the Browse icon.
  3. For the row where uid = 1, click the Edit icon. (Note the value under the “Name” column: That’s the administrator’s username.)
  4. In the “pass” row, select “MD5” under the “Function” column
  5. In the same row, enter your new password under the “Value” column.
  6. At the bottom of the screen, click the “Go” button.

You should now be able to log in with that username and new password.

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Changing password still doesn’t let me in
Tom, I have tried, at least 6 times, the method you suggest about editing the name and password for the example files, and nothing happens.

When I load the first example file, 10_01-start-backup, my screen doesn’t look quite like yours does with the exercise file. Is this truly the first exercise file I should have loaded, or is this one building on one that should have been previously loaded?

To get the same screen…
Hey, Steve — sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been having. You’re right that your screen won’t match mine exactly just from importing the SQL files. The main reason is that we introduced graphics bit by bit throughout the course, so those graphics will be missing if you just jump in in the middle.

Everything else should work correctly, though. What else is missing in your installation?

I would like to buy you a
I would like to buy you a beer.. worked like a charm. Thanks 🙂

mysql password
can u tell me what is the procedure of creating password and user in mysql console?
i m using WAMPSWRVER 2.

I’m afraid I don’t know
Hi, Rajat. I’m afraid I don’t use WAMPserver 2, so I couldn’t tell you. Anybody else?

Admin password excercise 10-01

It’s all clear to me what I need to do , but on your vid when you install the 10-01 file you’re logged in on the administer side. I don’t, and it doesn’t work with my previous installed user and password.. really anoying because I’m stuck on the most easiest part of the course.

The instructions above should work to change the password
Hi, Yunozen. If I understand your question, you need to change the administrator password; the instruction above should let you do that.

Am I misunderstanding what you need?

Change both username and password
Thanks for all your training videos! In my case I want to hand off my Drupal 7 site to a new admin and want to change both the User 1 name and the password. Can I do both by the same method?

That’s quite easy
Hi, Debra. What you’re asking to do is actually quite easy — you don’t need to use the unusual method I describe here. Instead, just edit User 1 (by clicking “Hello [name] in the right corner of the toolbar), then click “Edit”.

There’s one other thing to do, though: Click “Configuration” and “Site information”, and change the *site’s* email address as well if necessary. This is the address that goes in the “Reply-to” fields of all emails sent by the system. (It’s usually the same as User 1’s.)

my sister forgot her password and shes the administrator in the pc what can we do?

Follow the instructions above
Follow the instructions above. I don’t understand how your situation wouldn’t be solved by them.

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