Drupal 7 Essential Training released, with free videos

Image of a retro T.V. setMy Drupal video courses on lynda.com are mostly available on a subscription basis, starting at $25/month. But I realized that few readers of my blog know that several videos in each course are available for free.

Here are the freebies in Drupal 7 Essential Training, which was released this past Friday:

  • Welcome
  • Getting a Drupal site up fast
  • Deciding whether to use Drupal
  • Understanding nodes
  • Adding fields to content types
  • Selecting and installing downloaded themes
  • Enabling styled text with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Launching a Drupal site

Here’s what’s free in my other courses:

Drupal Gardens Essential Training

  • Welcome
  • Previewing the finished project
  • What is Drupal Gardens?
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds
  • Creating image galleries
  • Understanding the Theme Builder
  • Exporting themes
  • Using exported sites outside of Drupal Gardens

Drupal 7 New Features

  • Overview of Drupal 7’s improvements
  • Installing themes and modules
  • Adding fields to content types

Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data

  • Welcome
  • Reviewing requirements
  • Touring examples of data visualization
  • Planning data structure
  • Importing and manipulating data
  • Looking at Drupal’s database
  • Deciding whether to store personal data as nodes or users

Drupal 6 Essential Training

  • Welcome
  • Drupal is a CMS
  • Choosing Drupal
  • Checking Drupal’s requirements
  • Understanding the inner workings of Drupal
  • Meeting the Drupal community
  • Learning key terms in Drupal
  • Touring Drupal’s interface

… and here are the freebies in Chris Charlton’s Drupal: Creating and Editing Custom Themes:

  • Welcome
  • Learning about Drupal themes
  • Building sites today with Drupal
  • Required knowledge and software
  • Installing Drupal 6 using Acquia
  • Configuring the appropriate modules for a Drupal site
  • Creating pages with standard node content types
  • Creating custom node content types
  • Finalizing site navigation

Click the series titles to watch the videos. Enjoy!