Raising Money the Old-Fashioned Way

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“Crowdfunding for technology gains traction” — an online-only article covering technology funding venues including Fundable, Gittip, Bountysource, and others, with commentary from various players including Eric S. Raymond and the National Crowdfunding Association.

Supercomputers Get Real

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A short online-only article about how supercomputer developers are teaming up with application specialists to make the hardware’s power more useful.

Evaluating Government Funding

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Abstract: “A presidential report asserts the value of U.S. government investments in the cross-agency Networking and Information Technology Research and Development program and specifies areas needing greater focus.”

Regulators ask: What is Bitcoin?

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An article about legal challenges to the decentralized virtual currency Bitcoin, specifically on how the question of its definition affects its place in law.

Control without Controllers

Screenshot of CACM article about the Touché sensor project

A feature article about Disney’s Touché sensor project, which explores new ways of controlling electronics with touch.

The Future of Free Speech Online

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A very brief article about whether survey respondents believe that technology companies in the democratic West will increasingly help repressive governments.

DARPA Shredder Challenge Solved

Screenshot of CACM article about the DARPA Shredder Challenge

A feature article about a $50,000 challenge issued by DARPA and its solutions, including quotes from the First and Second Place winners.

Talking to Machines

Screenshot of CACM article about speech recognition

A feature article about modern applications of speech recognition, in particular how they’ve combined with complementary technologies to produce such consumer products as Siri.

Cloud-based HPC

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A very brief article about a U.S. Government report on whether high-performance computing is cost-effective using cloud-computing techniques.

Supercomputing’s Exaflop Target

First page of "Supercomputing's Exaflop Target" article

A review of Asia’s recent ascendency in the Top500 list of the world’s leading supercomputers, and the supercomputing field generally.

The Promise of Flexible Displays

First page of "The Promise of Flexible Displays" article

Article about advances in electronic displays that can bend, be made in irregular shapes, and be produced through a print-like process.

IT drives policy — and vice versa

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Reporting on a three-day conference about technology policy. This was my biggest case of preparation overkill: 12,000 words of notes went into a 575-word article.

Shaping the Future

First page of "Shaping the Future" article

Article about “claytronics” — ensembles of tiny robots that self-assemble into larger functional units.

Rebuilding for Eternity

First page of "Rebuilding for Eternity" article

Article about “e-heritage”, digitization of large-scale historical sites such as the Bayon Temple in Cambodia.

Beyond the Smart Grid

First page of "Beyond the Smart Grid" article

Feature story about sensors to monitor energy consumption and other environmental data in residences. (Published in Communications of the ACM.)

ACM China Nearing Launch

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News story about the Association for Computing Machinery’s expansion into China. (Published in Communications of the ACM.)