Coverage of Turkish protest in The Netherlands

Scene from the video

Camerawork and interviewing for this piece was my first gig for I grabbed my equipment after hearing the protests from my apartment, which is around the corner from the Consulate.

Evaluating Government Funding

Article as it appeared in print

Abstract: “A presidential report asserts the value of U.S. government investments in the cross-agency Networking and Information Technology Research and Development program and specifies areas needing greater focus.”

Checkmate for checkers

Article as it appeared on the web

A news story about checkers being “solved” — that is, proven that it’s possible to draw against even a perfectly played game.

A star with a tail: Stellar streak tells of 30,000 years of history.

Article as it appeared on the web

A news story about an astronomical discovery.

Intro: “Astronomers have found an unexpected treat on a star first described more than 400 years ago – the streak of a 13-light-year-long tail. The tail, the first seen of its kind, could provide clues about how celestial bodies are formed from the material spat out by such aging stars.”

Plastic sheet delivers wireless power

Article as it appeared on the web

A news article about wireless power transmission.

Intro: “Annoyed by the tangle of power cords under your desk? A sheet of plastic invented by researchers in Japan could one day make for tables and walls that power devices placed on them — without any need for wires or plugs. Computers could be powered through the desks on which they sit, for example, or flat-screen televisions through the walls where they hang.”

The Future of Free Speech Online

Image of the article as it appeared in print

A very brief article about whether survey respondents believe that technology companies in the democratic West will increasingly help repressive governments.

IT drives policy — and vice versa

Image of the article as it appeared in print

Reporting on a three-day conference about technology policy. This was my biggest case of preparation overkill: 12,000 words of notes went into a 575-word article.