Tom, I sent the video [about my work] around to my colleagues, and they all agree that it was extremely well-done. Very professional, making the point without over-hyping, and with informative content.

Latest work

Video for “Hacking Nondeterminism with Induction and Coinduction”

Screenshot of the Vimeo version of the video: See description for the full video

Videojournalism about a new method for comparing the processes called “finite-state machines” that underlie much of computer science.

Presentation/Video for Association for Computing Machinery

Blog posts

Is bitcoin the “currency of criminals”? Numbers tell the tale.

8 June 2017

Last week you made this article one of the most popular of my career, currently topping 2,600 Likes. It rebuts …

No, THIS is what bitcoin is, really: Four ways Greg Leffler is wrong, wrong, wrong

1 June 2017

Money is more than things you can hold.

With bitcoin topping an unprecedented $2,400, LinkedIn Senior Software Editor Greg Leffler called bitcoin “the currency of criminals” in his …