Tom Geller

Best known for instructional video courses on LinkedIn Learning, including the popular “Writing with Impact”.

Major works include video interviews for The Heidelberg Laureate Forum; feature videos and investigative articles for ACM; and books. See the portfolio (current to about 2018).

I live in the Netherlands and am remotely for clients worldwide, and on-site in Western Europe or the U.S.. Get in touch via LinkedIn.

Strategic communi­cations

  • Evaluate current marketing materials
  • Define profitable directions
  • Create new content
  • Integrate with current strategy
Tom Geller's books


  • Develop new audiences
  • Train employees
  • Build user loyalty
  • Improve current assets
Tom at the camera

Video production

  • Explain innovations
  • Document important events
  • Promote thought leaders
  • Improve information retention

Photo credit: Christian Flemming/HLF