Your article is easily the best piece I’ve read on Bitcoin, and its safe to say I’ve read a thousand or more. Here’s to hoping there’s more great stuff coming.

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Writing Case Studies

Screenshot from "Writing Case Studies"

Another in a series of “genre writing” courses. Previous ones are Writing Formal Business Letters and Emails and Writing Articles. Available on and LinkedIn Learning. Course description as published: If you have helped a customer achieve succ …

Case study/Presentation/Video for LinkedIn,

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In praise of business travel

16 November 2017

Yes. Yes, it is.

Travel ennobles, emboldens, and improves. Business travel is expensive, exhausting — and often irreplaceable. Yes, virtual reality is getting better, …

Untried techniques? Budget extra time.

26 May 2017

Screencap from the upcoming trailer

I’ve been busy working on a 45-second teaser trailer for my documentary-in-development, Almost a Brain. Here’s a 10-second sneak peek …

Freelancers: You, too, can work at LinkedIn Top Companies

22 May 2017

They're big, but they don't have to be scary.

They’re big and well-established, but they need our nimbleness On Thursday, LinkedIn released its list of 50 “top” U.S. companies, …

When business travel goes wrong: location, location, location

22 March 2017

Protip: This small community in New York is not home to Europe's largest port.

To get something accomplished, first make sure you’re in the right country. According to an article in the Dutch newspaper …