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"I just finished your Drupal 7 Essential Training on It was very informative. I also bought your Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide book from Amazon. I'm about half-way through it. I know there is overlap in the information, but I find that watching the videos and reading the book helps it stick. I have a MODX and WP background, so your training really helped me with absorbing Drupal. Thank you." - Anthony Robertson

"I learned Drupal with your course on, got so excited that I told my boss that in six months I would quit my job and become self-employed building web sites with Drupal. And here I am!" - Kari Kääriäinen,

"A HUGE thank you for your training products. I've followed a couple of your courses and have found your talent in explaining new concepts with such clarity a huge help — I've managed to save many weeks (perhaps months) of my life!" - Matthew McLeod

"I want to thank you for your job for Your trainings are just perfect and you definitely have a strong talent to train. Keep going on!" - Dmitry Kostygov, Founder,

"I love your videos. They are so clear and easy to follow, making the most difficult of concepts understandable. Please keep up the great work!" - Leo Singh (Hawai'i)

"I just wanted to say thank you for your tutorials. I've been a content/project manager for the past four-plus years and I've always worked with Drupal -- but only recently I have had the opportunity to be on the admin level. It's been such a pleasure getting to know these new privileges through your approachable tutorials." - Sarah Davis

"I just wanted to say thank you for your easy-on-the-ears video's on about Drupal. I watched them a over year ago and am now making a lot of Drupal sites, and am also passing on my knowledge to my classroom and employees. Today I was wondering, how did I get here? And I remembered, it was you and your damn videos. :-)" - Fabien Schiettecatte, AWebHaus

"Tom is creative, reliable and well organized. He turned out an excellent manuscript in a very short period of time, met all the publisher's demands, and did it with good humor." - Neil J. Salkind, Agent, Salkind Agency

"Learning Drupal has been a big learning curve, and I've been able to fast track it through your Lynda tutorials. Your advice was terrific - all worked and saved me a shed load of time and ulcers." - Michael Walker, Grafico Topico

"I just wanted to thank you for a great, informative presentation. It's people like you who give open source a good name." - Eric Broder, Director, Green Oak Web Design

"Drupal 7 Essential Training is a game changer for me: I could not have asked for more or better. Anyone learning Drupal should buy this DVD. Just get it." - Alyn Murray

"I learned Drupal entirely from your videos. Last week I got my first contract role as a Drupal developer and it's great. I'm working for a bunch of highly intelligent guys, yet even they have been blown away with what I've been able to do in such a short time with Drupal and what you taught me. Seriously, mate, thank you. I think the fact that your videos are so easy to watch and enjoy made a huge difference." - Dave Bishop, Drupal developer and Filmmaker ("I Am Bish")

"I wanted to congratulate you on your training videos. I can't remember that I've ever had such a great "kick-start" into an unfamiliar technology." - Frank Cromer

"Thank you for an excellent, easy-to-follow course. You give out the feeling of ease in a somewhat difficult subject." - Gregory West, Alternate Cloud

"Your videos are the main source of my Drupal education and they are well presented, informative, and example-filled to allow me to get content out and new sites built very quickly. Thank you for all of your work and I look forward to more videos as Drupal continues to develop." - Dan Stay,

"As a long time WordPress user, your tutorials are amazing and incredibly helpful to a novice." - Diana Li

"Tom, I sent the video [about my work] around to my colleagues, and they all agree that it was extremely well-done. Very professional, making the point without over-hyping, and with informative content." - Saket Navlakha, Salk Institute

"I love your videos! You've got 'good voice' which makes listening to them more enjoyable, and you do a fantastic job taking folks through the process of setting up a Drupal site. I'm confident I'll be a major Drupal fan after the training." - Jon Whitbeck, Jon Whitbeck Digital Design

"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the world of writers through LinkedIn Learning. I must say, it inspired me to keep writing." - KPMG Bangladesh

"I watched your Drupal 7 Essential Training and fell in love with Drupal. Now I want to take Drupal seriously and find it as my feature career. I just want to thank you for your awesome tutorial at" - Sina Ahmadpour, KLO Design Studio

"Very nice article! I think you did a great job integrating the various perspectives." - Kraig Schulz, Autonomous Tractor Corporation

"Your articles were well crafted and researched, and written in a way that targets our audience well. I'd be happy to contract you for future assignments." - Jessica Swesey, Editorial & Content Director, Inman News

"Your training tutorials were a great primer for learning Drupal." - Gil Cho, KPFA

"I'm relieved the site was launched within my 1-month self-imposed deadline. Meeting that deadline is a testament to your [Drupal] teaching skills." - Rachel Boehm,

"I love your videos. Your voice is very pleasant and you explain everything precisely. I am mostly a self-learner because I often find that courses too slow for me, but yours are just perfect!" - Paul Godard - Soul Photography

"I saw the video you set up [of my work], and it is really great! All the people who saw it found it particularly pedagogical in explaining the reasons why we need such [programming] languages." - Benoît Valiron, CentraleSupélec

"Tom's become a key 'go-to' guy for us when we need the highest-quality work delivered on time, and he's always a pleasure to work with. I give him my highest recommendation." - Clay Andres, Account Director, Studio B

"I sense your sincerity and desire to actually give of your knowledge. Your desire to help others is a very worthy character trait (a gift actually!). It's appreciated by many." - Shawn Wilson, Fishing's Future

"Your article is easily the best piece I've read on Bitcoin, and its safe to say I've read a thousand or more. Here's to hoping there's more great stuff coming." - James D'Angelo, Co-Organizer, Bitcoin Meetup group (Cambridge, Massachussetts)

"I was just a plain-old PHP, JS, HTML designer-developer, until I was introduced to Drupal 7 from your videos. They got me up and running quickly, and so I thank you for that!" - Geoff Bonina, Ohio State University

"Tom, your style is perfect. You explain things concisely and perfectly, and I never get bored watching anything you create." - Frank W. Leone,

"Just wanted to say that so far I am finding your Lynda courses delightful!" - Deborah Weisman

"I've been working through your Drupal videos on Lynda, and just wanted to take a second to say they're great! Most learning/tutorial videos I watch get annoying pretty quickly, but yours have made learning Drupal a lot easier and exciting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!" - Christine Savadel, Pennsylvania State University

"We've had positive feedback about your article, and they only made a couple of very minor changes. Good job!" - Juliann Feuerbacher, Project Manager, Studio B

"Tom provided strategic advice along with professionally crafted text, giving me more than I expected -- but exactly what I needed." - Janet Attard, Founder,

"I hereby knight you the Mister Rogers of Drupal! You calmly accept all newbies and give awesomely clear instructions. I can't believe how much I've learned from your videos!" - Karen Fredericks, Fredrix Illustration

"Drupal was a complete mystery to me before I watched your Lynda courses. Everything I know about Drupal was gained through watching your courses, which enabled me to build several Drupal websites." - Neil Padgett

"The article looks great. I think it's the best I've read on the subject so far." - Stephen Regelous, Founder and CTO, Massive Software

"I am totally addicted to learning more about Drupal thanks to your videos!" - Maria Mercedes Martinez,

"Finding knowledgeable, evenhanded writers is hard enough. But finding one whose writing is as clean, precise, on-time, and well-crafted as Tom's is almost unheard of. A keeper!" - Rik Myslewski, Media Producer, MacLife

"Watching your course on Lynda, "Writing Articles" -- amazing. Thank you!" - Ivan Melnikov,

"Tom Geller is a wonderfully natural and informative presenter." - Shawn Bolan, Director of Product Management, MyWire

"I can't say enough how impressed I am with your and the other tutorials that I have watched. I am a former math teacher, so I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to teaching techniques. I have recommended the course to others in our company who are using it too." - Nan Rivers, CJIS GROUP LLC

"Your tutorials on were really helpful, they make it really easy for non-programmers." - Munish Sharma, Western University of Health Sciences

"One of the big mysteries of Drupal is how to adapt themes to your needs. Your section on theming was great: Short and to the point, it got me started." - Don Varney, State of Vermont

"I just bought your Drupal Essential Training from and would like to thank you for the great videos. You're a super teacher!" - Zdenek Stepanek, Web developer, Kliker Web Studio

"I loved your Freelancing Fundamentals course. It gave me exactly the information I was seeking to move forward if this is the path I decide to take." - Nan Frost, Sales Specialist - Library Research and Digital Solutions

"Tom is easy to work with, writes clearly, and accepts editing well." - Bill Burnett, Real Estate Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

"I've had a look at the article and it's terrific! You got into exactly the kinds of things I wanted to know about... Excellent investigative reporting!" - Mike Potel, Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

"I LOVE your teaching style!!!" - Gia Preston, Sprint

"I have watched your videos on as my bible -- you are an excellent trainer." - Michele Petry,

"Tom combines the ability to describe technical matters clearly with a gift for finding just the right phrase to highlight a product's advantage or intriguing quality. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Tom in the coming months!" - David Gleason, Content Manager, Apple

"I enjoyed the b-roll you took. Also happy you balanced the message -- as we say in the paper, it is easy just to hype the threat." - M. Eric Johnson, Dean of the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

"I've enjoyed your lectures/lessons on You have a great delivery style as well as very interesting background! Thanks for the help, coach!" - Susan Nitka,

"Your courses really make learning Drupal a joy!" - Matthew Hartman

"Drupal 7 Essential Training had me creating sites within hours." - John J. DeCore, M.Ed, PMP; Director, Human Capital Solutions, PowerTrain, Inc.

"Your Drupal courses have changed how I work and build sites. Thanks for making the content easy to understand and fun. Keep up the good work." - Sam Cathcart (Switzerland)

"A quick note of thanks for your videos, especially for the point about putting aside time for doing stuff not related to work. Great reminder. Thanks again." - David Williams, Comfe Designs

"I've looked at other Drupal training, but have remained loyal to yours. Simply put, it's THE BEST! Your style is both respectful and comprehensive: It gets me through the tougher parts without diluting the content. It's a great value." - Regina Ryder, Food and Nutrition Service (part of the US Department of Agriculture)

"Your Drupal courses on really broke a logjam in my understanding of Drupal. I'd read several books but really wasn't getting it. Your pace and explanations were perfect for me." - John Morrow

"The video is really great! We loved the framing and were clapping in the lab earlier today when we first caught wind of it." - David A. Shamma, Yahoo Labs

"You are by far the best Drupal trainer I have had the pleasure of learning from." - Carla Briceno, Bixal

"I watched the entire Commerce video on and thought it was stupendous. What an incredible contribution to the Drupal Commerce community. You nailed it. I wish everybody would watch that. Should be a prerequisite. I've been promoting it every way I know how." - Randy Fay, Director of Product Development at Commerce Guys (creators of Drupal Commerce)

"Just a shout out to say I enjoyed your tutorials on Drupal 7 on You were very informative and you helped me get a grasp on a very steep learning curve for Drupal." - Dennis Triplett

"Geller has a knack for covering a large volume of information in a condensed space without making the reader feel rushed. He manages to take what could be a technical 'bible' of information and distills it into a practical guide." - J Ayen Green, The Accidental Coder (review of Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide)