Guide to Large-scale Publishing with Drupal

White paper that explores Drupal as an online publishing system for newspapers and magazines.

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Fri, 04/16/2010

ACM China Nearing Launch

News story about the Association for Computing Machinery's expansion into China. (Published in Communications of the ACM.)

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Wed, 09/01/2010

Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide

A how-to book for Drupal beginners.

I started writing it in 2009, then shelved it, then revised extensively in late 2010 as the pre-release software changed substantially. It was officially published about three weeks before Drupal 7's release.

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Date of publication: 
Sat, 12/18/2010

Save My Home: 10 Steps to Avoiding Foreclosure

Commissioned book, completed in 30 days and published without revisions (beyond minor copyediting).

Cover of the book, "Save My Home"
Date of publication: 
Tue, 05/06/2008

Drupal 6 Essential Training

In almost seven hours of video instruction, Drupal 6 Essential Training (originally titled "Drupal Essential Training") covers all the important aspects of installing, configuring, customizing, and maintaining a Drupal-powered website. Instructor Tom Geller explores blogs, discussion forums, member profiles, and other features while demonstrating the steps required to make Drupal perform.

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Mon, 09/01/2008

Drupal 6: Online Presentation of Data

Drupal's built-in data presentation tools offer several ways for web designers to clearly and attractively package their data. In over six hours of video training, Tom Geller explains how Drupal handles data so users can set up intelligent structures and implement them with Drupal's Content Construction Kit. Tom also shows how a data-driven web site can improve its interactivity by using geographic data to connect real-world addresses to maps. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

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Date of publication: 
Wed, 07/01/2009

Drupal 7 New Features

Over two and a half hours of video that demonstrates changes to the Drupal 7 administrative interface and other enhancements that have come out of its three-year development period. This course covers its simplified installation process, new themes that will help kick-start design projects, the customizable shortcut bar that puts often-used commands in easy reach, update procedures that leverage its browser-based interface, and a new way of defining fields to create complex content types without additional modules.

Topics include:

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Date of publication: 
Wed, 10/06/2010

Drupal Gardens Essential Training

Over five hours of video training that demonstrates how to create and publish a complete web site with the powerful tools in Acquia's hosted service, Drupal Gardens. The course covers how to leverage its pre-built page layouts and add custom styling, without having to learn CSS, using the Theme Builder tool, how to integrate rich site features, such as forms, surveys, and media galleries, and how to push content to Twitter and Facebook. The course also shows how to transition a Drupal Gardens site to a self-hosted Drupal site.

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Date of publication: 
Wed, 01/05/2011

Drupal 7 Essential Training

Over seven hours of video training that shows how to get the most out of Drupal, the content management system (CMS) that powers over a quarter million web sites. The course demonstrates how to download and install Drupal, add content and graphics to a site, change layout and design elements, control visitor interactions, and expand the site's capabilities beyond what’s available in Drupal core. Discussion of established best practices in each step to ensure that a site remains streamlined, secure, and up-to-date. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

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Image of Tom Geller teaching Drupal Gardens Essential Training
Date of publication: 
Sun, 01/16/2011

Last CMS Standing: The Promise of Drupal Versus WordPress and Joomla

This article compares the three CMSes in terms of user base, code maturity, richness of plug-ins, and business acceptance. Commissioned by Peachpit Press to support my recently published book, Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Screenshot of "Last CMS Standing..." article
Date of publication: 
Wed, 02/02/2011


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