How can I change my admin password?

If for some reason the default exercise file username (admin) and password (booth) don't work, you can change them in the database itself using phpMyAdmin. (This technique is demonstrated in a video from Chapter 8, "Recovering from disasters".)

On I hear audio, but don't see video

Skip Taylor reported on

I wanted to see the video quality so I tried one of the free demo tutorials. There's audio and a green background. I have the latest QuickTime installed and using Firefox 3 with the QuickTime plug-in. Should there be more to this than a green background?

Indeed there should. :) gave him the following steps, which solved the problem:

I had to change a setting in Quicktime 7.5:

Password for Drupal Essential Training administrator's account

The username and password to log in as the administrator for the Drupal Essential Training example site are:

USERNAME = admin
PASSWORD = booth

We mention it at one point in the course, but should have given it more frequently. Sorry for the omission.

WAMP icon has disappeared from Windows' system tray

L.H. writes: "In Windows Vista, the WAMP icon disappears from the system tray after x time (not sure about the duration protocols). To make the WAMP icon re-appear (so that you can access localhost, phpmyadmin, php.ini, etc.), you have to activate the "start WAMP server" icon (from start menu, desktop or wherever); then the system tray icon reappears. Pain in the chicken, but that's Vista."


Can't import a Drupal site in Windows

This problem often occurs because one of the default settings of WAMP is too low. You'll see the issue if you go to the MySQL-controlling phpMyAdmin screen (probably at http://localhost/phpMyAdmin) and click "Import": The maximum file size allowed is 2,048K. That's only 2MB, and the databases for most Drupal sites are much larger than that. (The example site for Drupal Essential Training gets as big as 5MB.)

To change this limit:

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