Error in "Drupal Essential Training" regarding settings.php file subscriber Sarah Faraud uncovered an error at the 2:12 mark of the "Downloading and installing Drupal on a Mac" video in Drupal Essential Training. I stated:

Now the file itself was called settings.php and it's created by duplicating this default.settings.php. You can also just delete the word default and the period, but I prefer to leave a backup.

It turns out that deleting the original default.settings.php file causes problems, so just leave it there! My apologies to anyone who's been inconvenienced by this error.

How can I change my admin password?

If for some reason the default exercise file username (admin) and password (booth) don't work, you can change them in the database itself using phpMyAdmin. (This technique is demonstrated in a video from Chapter 8, "Recovering from disasters".)

What happened to my .htaccess file?

A few times during the Drupal Essential Training video series, I say to copy a Drupal installation by selecting all the files in the folder and then "dragging and dropping" them, either to a server or another location on your local computer. This is not the best way to do so, as the hidden file ".htaccess" will not be copied. Two ways to get around that problem:

On I hear audio, but don't see video

Skip Taylor reported on

I wanted to see the video quality so I tried one of the free demo tutorials. There's audio and a green background. I have the latest QuickTime installed and using Firefox 3 with the QuickTime plug-in. Should there be more to this than a green background?

Indeed there should. :) gave him the following steps, which solved the problem:

I had to change a setting in Quicktime 7.5:

Password for Drupal Essential Training administrator's account

The username and password to log in as the administrator for the Drupal Essential Training example site are:

USERNAME = admin
PASSWORD = booth

We mention it at one point in the course, but should have given it more frequently. Sorry for the omission.

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