Imaging the World: The State of Online Mapping

A feature article for Computer Graphics and Applications, a publication of IEEE.

First page of article as it appeared in print
Date of publication: 
Thu, 03/01/2007

Interactive Tabletop Exhibits in Museums and Galleries

My first feature article for the "Applications" section of Computer Graphics and Applications, a publication of IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

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Fri, 09/01/2006

Articles for Apple Developer Connection (edited)

As the registered company Geller Guides, I found, oversaw, coached, and edited subcontracted writers for a couple of technical articles that appeared on the Apple Developer Connection section of Apple's website. (I'll provide copies of the articles on request.)

Screenshot of the Apple Developer Connection homepage
Screenshot of the Fotomagico article I edited
Date of publication: 
Thu, 09/11/2008

Stanford University Tech Briefing: and Drupal

A "Stanford University Tech Briefing" about Drupal, given mostly to people who were already using it for departmental websites. Sponsored by Published description: " and Drupal — Tom Geller, Do you have lingering questions about your Drupal web site? In this session, trainer Tom Geller answers some of the most often-asked questions about entering and managing content in Drupal.

Screenshot of my slides from the talk
Date of publication: 
Fri, 10/29/2010

Christine Savadel

I've been working through your Drupal videos on Lynda, and just wanted to take a second to say they're great! Most learning/tutorial videos I watch get annoying pretty quickly, but yours have made learning Drupal a lot easier and exciting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Regulators ask: What is Bitcoin?

An article about legal challenges to the decentralized virtual currency Bitcoin, specifically on how the question of its definition affects its place in law.

Image of the article as it appeared online
Date of publication: 
Tue, 05/28/2013

Dennis Triplett

Just a shout out to say I enjoyed your tutorials on Drupal 7 on You were very informative and you helped me get a grasp on a very steep learning curve for Drupal.

Sam Cathcart

Your Drupal courses have changed how I work and build sites. Thanks for making the content easy to understand and fun. Keep up the good work.

Rachel Boehm

I'm relieved the site was launched within my 1-month self-imposed deadline. Meeting that deadline is a testament to your [Drupal] teaching skills.

Exascale Enthusiasm Escalates

A very short report on the popularity of exascale computing at the International Supercomputing Conference 2012.

Screenshot of CACM article about exascale computing popularity
Date of publication: 
Tue, 01/01/2013


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